Three-legged dog always mourns for his friends by laying by their gravesites

The emotional intelligence of dogs is astounding. They are able to develop sincere, caring relationships with both people and other animals. and seem to comprehend when a loved one passes away

Dogs can even experience grief on their own, just like people do. That was the case with one dog, who showed his love for his buddies by going to their graves every day after they passed away.

Golden retriever Tricycle, a three-legged rescue, resides at the Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary in Mineral Bluff, Georgia.

Tricycle has always had a wide variety of other animals to make friends with as he lives in the farm sanctuary. Dogs, llamas, and alpacas are just a few of the special needs animals that the sanctuary will take in.

One of the first animals he developed a bond with was Major, a St. Bernard/mastiff mix.

Major passed away tragically in 2016, and Tricycle seemed to be inconsolable.

Like all the animal rescues who die away, Major was buried on the farm and given a memorial headstone. After burying him, however, the rescuers made a strange discovery: Tricycle would remain close to the grave, grieving his old companion.

After roughly three days of his visits, his owners knew he was having a difficult time.

Lester Aradi, the sanctuary’s owner, told People that there is a sense of loss that all of us need to get through. “Animals experience loss, too.”

Tricycle has been shown showing grief for all the deceased animals, proving that he did not only share a particular bond with Major.

The puppy was found by Trixie’s cemetery after she passed away recently.

It’s a lovely tale that demonstrates the depth of animal love and the same complexity of dog and human emotions.

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