Heartbroken dog can’t stop crying after realizing he’s been abandoned and separated from his brother

 “Everyone else on Earth can turn their back on you, but never your dog,” as the old saying goes. That is why dogs are said to as man’s best friend. They will never abandon you and will always cherish you.

AJ, a 6-year-old dog who has gone through thick and thin with his owner, was very distressed when he and his other doggo brother, Tony, were surrendered to Carson Animal Shelter in California.

The betrayal appeared to have ruined the pitbull/Labrador Retriever cross. AJ may be seen softly sobbing throughout the video.

As the dog recognizes the gravity of the situation, tears stream down his face. AJ is imprisoned in a freezing kennel and is well aware that he is undesired.

AJ is described by shelter staff as an exceptionally cute puppy with “great energy.” He and his brother, Tony, walked side by side inside the shelter, fearful of what might happen.

The shelter worker’s soothing voice tries to console the dog, but AJ continues to sob in misery and confusion.

According to the Carson Animal Shelter’s Facebook page, both AJ and Toby have been abandoned: “My former family had to give me up because they couldn’t afford the care I require.”

Many people have volunteered to adopt AJ and provide him with the loving home he requires after the video went viral. AJ has gone from crying to laughing.

A wonderful family adopted AJ and Tony together in February so that they would not be separated.

So, when you adopt a dog, make sure you are fully dedicated to them and will never forsake them! We pray that no other dogs have to go through what AJ and Toby did.

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