Two Starving Dogs Living In An Abandoned School Finally Get Rescued

Just recently, I ran into a very happy stray dog on the street. Somehow, I kept wondering why he was so trusting despite obviously suffering without anyone offering to help him.

It made me think of the idea that dogs and humans really are connected in some way, and the reason why they trust us to help them over and over is because they know there is goodness in us.

In this beautiful story, we will talk about two dogs who similarly put their faith in a random woman who wanted to help them.

Two Dogs Living In Awful Conditions

woman helping starving dogs

When Hope For Paws was first notified about two dogs living in an abandoned school in Californiathey didn’t hesitate to help them.

The rescuers were there in no time, and they found the dogs taking shelter under the building.

They seemed to be really scared of the people who came to help them, but couldn’t pass up on free food.

So, they slowly climbed out of their shelter and ate a decent meal. Apparently, they were living off scraps found in the park, which was horrible because one of the dogs was pregnant.

The rescuers didn’t want to push them into their vehicle, so they slowly moved away and noticed that the dogs were following them.

starving dogs on the street

They tried the food trap and managed to put a male into its pen. Now, the female Pitbull was the only problem, as she was too frightened to approach them.

The fear drove her to completely turn back and go into her hiding place inside the school. 

One of the rescuers, JoAnn Wiltz, brought a pen filled with food close to the dog in hopes that he would enter it after they left. 

The Mission Was Successful

Some time had passed and their plan was successful. The female dog was now also caught, and it was time for them to go to a veterinarian clinic in California where they would receive proper help.

On their way back, the rescuers ran into two police officers who were more than grateful that the two dogs were finally rescued and away from that awful place.

They decided that their new furry friends needed names, so the pregnant Pitbull was named Tooney, and the German Shepherd was Sully.

The dogs seemed to be pretty anxious in the clinic, probably because of all the attention surrounding them, but they eased up a bit after getting some more food.

mama dog with her puppies who are breastfeeding

Six weeks had passed since their rescue, and they were now in foster care, along with nine small puppies.

They were all really adorable and seemed to be in good health, so the organization thought of getting them into a permanent home soon.

Shortly after, a woman named Jennifer Gray, from Sunny Day Acres, found a forever home for Sully and he was over the moon to meet his new family.

We don’t know what happened with Tooney and her puppies or if they were adopted, but it seems extremely unlikely that someone hasn’t adopted these beautiful babies by now.

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