A Bambi-obsessed “dying sick” woman was made happy by a real deer!

What a beautiful and thoughtful way to fulfill her dreams 

This was to cute  they gave her her last wishes of actually meeting Bambi and real life! 
A bond with animals, our partners in creation, is a bond with God. 

Adults sometimes can have truly childish and innocent dreams. This woman’s dream is to see a “Bambi” out in real life.
Lisa, an Australian woman, stated that her [dY.ing] mother was obsessed with Bambi, and she [fo.ug.ht the di.se.ase bra.vely] for a long time.

Because Lisa knows their mother adores Bambi more than anything else; she has statues of Bambi all over the place, she sleeps in a Bambi t-shirt, and she will be [cr.emated] in it as well. So the daughters decided to surprise their mother by bringing a real deer to visit her in the hos.pital!

The rest of the family showed their support for the mother by donning a Bambi t-shirt that they called nursing uniforms!
They decided to contact a farm owned by Chris and Simone. And they finally got “Bambi,” an orphaned deer raised by the couple to surprise their mother with a visit from the real-life Bambi – a deer reality!

So happy for her to see a real Bambi

What a lovely caring idea, to make a lovely lady so happy!
The old woman was overjoyed and stunned when the deer entered the room. The girls are overjoyed as they witness their mother’s joy.

Even the farm’s owners gave up everything to get the deer to Lisa’s mother. She is extremely grateful for their generosity. Lisa said that they drove two hours from Melbourne “for pure love and kindness” just to make the deer-loving old lady happy.

Obviously, Bambi and the deer are very important in this woman’s life. Lisa would have been overjoyed to be able to fulfill her mother’s late-life wish, it’s a highlight of her final days.
Sometimes it’s just the little things that make you happy!

How sweet that was for her to get to show Bambi some love 

What a special request for a lonely and sweet [dY.ing] lady ! God bless the person  that brought the deer to visit 

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