A Dog Mom Who Decided To Get Her Lonely Pittie A Friend Soon Realizes That She Made The Best Decision Ever

Ellie is a very friendly pittie who loves to show affection to anyone who passes by her.

However, Ellie’s behavior changed around her second birthday, which made her mom, Emily Bearden, realize that Ellie was feeling a bit lonely.  

One Lonely Doggo

grey pit bull
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Emily tried to make Ellie’s days filled with as many doggo playdates as she could, but unfortunately, that simply wasn’t enough.

“I started taking her to the park every day to play with other dogs, and once she realized they weren’t coming home with us, she wouldn’t want to leave! She would play in the living room with her toys by herself while I was working or cleaning, and I would feel so bad every day,” said Emily.

Determined to make Ellie less lonely, Emily and her boyfriend made their way to their local humane society.

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As soon as they got there, they were met with a dog by the name of Tank, with whom they bonded immediately.

[He] looked at us like, ‘Will you be my new family please?’ Then we decided to take him home to our girl.

New Best Friends

At first, Emily was worried that the new furry friends would need some time to adjust to each other.

However, she was pleasantly surprised when she saw that the dogs acted like best friends as soon as they met.

Emily was so amazed at how the pair clicked instantly, so she decided to share it on her TikTok.

@emily_bearden Best decision we ever made🫶🏼 #dogsofttiktok #fyp #shelterdog #rescuedog #pittiesoftiktok ♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

They immediately acted like they had been doing this their whole life together. She’s been glued to his hip every second of every day since.

Emily is happy to report that Ellie hasn’t felt lonely since.

The new BFFs spend every passing moment together, playing, going on walks, or simply lounging around the house together.

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As much as Emily changed Ellie and Tank’s lives forever, she can’t help but notice just how much of an impact they left on her, too.

My dogs [have] made me more compassionate and understanding of animals’ emotions. They have also taught me to be more patient and have brought me so much joy and happiness.

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