A Dog Who Was Found In The Woods In Critical Condition Undergoes An Incredible Transformation

Hooch is a dog who has been through a lot.

He was found abandoned, all alone next to a dumpster in very critical condition. Hooch was extremely terrified and cautious of anybody who approached him.

Luckily, his life was about to change.

Rescue Mission

dog in bad condition in the woods
Source: Paws Show

When rescuers found Hooch, they noticed that his rear end was completely crushed, leaving both of his back legs broken.

One leg had a snapped femur while the other one was broken at the joint.

Rescuers immediately transported Hooch to the Rescue Dogs Rock, New York City, where he received surgery in order for his legs to heal properly.

x-ray photo
Source: Paws Show

The vet also noticed that Hooch had an infestation of hookworms, causing him to have bloody diarrhea.

Hooch had a long road to recovery, but luckily, he was in good hands.

Road To Recovery

Besides all of his medical issues, Hooch was extremely frightened of humans.

Whenever somebody approached him, he would become petrified and run to the corner, trying to hide.

The rescuers knew that they had to find Hooch a foster parent who would focus on him completely, teaching him that hoomans mean no harm to good boys like him.

dog with a cone around his neck
Source: Paws Show

Luckily, they found the perfect foster parent who did exactly that.

Hooch’s foster mom worked patiently and diligently in order to let this pup know that there was nothing to be afraid of as well as tending to all of his medical issues.

woman sitting in front of the dog
Source: Paws Show

After some time, Hooch started looking like a brand-new dog.

He has built confidence and trust, not only allowing people to pet him, but also asking for cuddles and kisses all on his own.

After a month, Hooch started walking again, continuing to make both physical and mental progress.

rescued dog walking in a room
Source: Paws Show

His foster parents try to get him to walk as much as they can, luring him with a trail of treats that he loves to follow.

Soon, he was able to go outside, enjoying the feeling of grass on his paws and some fresh air in his lungs.

dog with a harness on green grass
Source: Paws Show

Even though Hooch still isn’t able to walk properly, he has not let that stop him from enjoying his time spent outside.

Luckily, his foster parents already have two dogs who became Hooch’s best friends in no time.

They love to have playdates together, which encourages him to move around as much as possible.  

photo of rescued dog with two other dogs
Source: Paws Show

Final Word

Hooch continues to improve, thanks to the loving environment he is in.

I am sure that in no time, he will gain his straight back, allowing him to truly enjoy his new life filled with nothing but love, adoration, and fun.

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