A Pregnant Stray Dog Finally Relaxes When She And Her Babies Are Rescued

Most of the time, when I go out and look a little closer at the world, I will notice just how many stray dogs are out there. 

It’s disheartening to think about their situation, as it always feels like they are not getting the help they need. 

However, not all is so grim, as there are many kind people out there whose job is to help the animals in need.

In this story, we will talk about a pregnant dog who was saved by rescuers just when she needed it the most.

A Pregnant Stray Dog

pregnant dog
Source: The Dodo

When animal rescuer, Megan Dentzler, first saw a pregnant dog on the streets of Tennessee, she was distraught by her situation.

She tried her best to help her by leaving her food, but the dog was just too afraid to approach other humans.

Dentzler told The DodoWe realized we needed to try something different, and quickly… Because I just knew that she was gonna have her babies while I was gone.

The best idea they got was to plant a food trap for her near the station where she first saw her in hopes that she would fall for the bait.

dog in outdoor cage
Source: The Dodo

And, it didn’t take a long time for her to go for the food, as she was in the small kennel within just 10 minutes.

Dentzler and the others were back with her in moments, and they saw that she had eased up a lot after realizing that they were there to help her.

A Successful Operation

puppy sitting by the human legs
Source: The Dodo

Now that she was finally safe, the rescuers knew they had to search for the small puppies, but they couldn’t really figure out where they were.

One of the rescuers thought that putting a Tractive device on the mama dog would hopefully lead them to the babies.

And, they were right. Dentzler said: It worked so well. Like, we immediately were able to track her on our phones, see where she was going.

Apparently, they were hiding out under a house not too far away from the place where they caught the mom.

When the rescuers arrived there, they found 8 beautiful and healthy puppies. They were later taken to a Dog and Cat Rescue shelter in Tennessee.

A Happy And Playful Dog

dog sniffing food from the human hand
Source: The Dodo

A few weeks had gone by and Dentzler decided to foster the mama dog so she could spend some time with her and enjoy life, as the puppies were now old enough to be on their own. 

The whole time, her vibrant personality was on display, and everyone who met the mama dog just enjoyed being around her.

One of Megan’s friends, Ashley, saw a video of this brave dog and just fell in love with her immediately. 

They seemed like the perfect match, and the dog really seemed to enjoy spending time with her new family. I am really glad everything turned out well for her.

As for the puppies, it’ll still take a little while before they find their forever home, but I have no doubt that someone will step in and adopt them.

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