Abandoned Dog Ran Over And Cried When She Recognized Her Neighbor

 We devote our entire lives to someone only to have them abandon us when we are old. This is a story like that. She waggled her tail and her waist when she recognized her neighbor.

Lunya had been abandoned and had been wandering the streets for several days; time and street life had taken their toll. Then, one day, a neighbor recognized her and asked AlabaiHelp for help.

The AlabaiHelp rescue team arrived and took her to safety. She was exhausted the next day and all she wanted to do was lie down and cry.

“I’ve always thought that dogs have a sixth sense they know who’s nice and they’re honest so she’s frightened to go out she’s terrified to go back to her old life.”

Her dermatologist recommended it. Her skin was itchy from tick bites, and she began to trust more after that day.

She craved my company and buried her head within me. She wants to express her anguish.

After a few months of taking care of her and earning her trust. Lunya’s efforts were not in vain because she allowed herself to be open to a new and happier life.

She is ecstatic. A new beginning is on the way. For an elderly dog like her, it’s too late, but every day counts. Thank you to the neighbor for reaching out to assist her in regaining her happiness.

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