Abandoned Dog Waited Outside School Every Morning For Help Until This Kind Man Appeared

Caleb Schaffer, an elementary school teacher in Houston, Texas, arrived at work one morning last month and noticed a dog. The dog was sitting just outside the front door and his tail started pounding when he saw Caleb Schaffer.

Schaffer needed to go to work, so he didn’t stop and continued to go to the Lab. However, he was so haunted by the scared and sick-looking pooch, he returned outside later to check on him.

Unfortunately, the dog was disappeared. Schaffer heard that someone called animal control, but the officers were unable to catch the dog. But when Schaffer went to work the next morning, the dog was there again, waiting in front of the school. The dog seemed to immediately recognize Schaffer.

Schaffer noticed the dog’s skin is pretty bad. The dog was constantly scratching and whining. Feeling heartbroken, Schaffer went inside to teach. He thought the dog was reaching out for help, and told his students he needed their help keeping an eye out for him. As soon as the school bell rang, Schaffer went out to look for the dog but but he disappeared again.

But when Schaffer got to work the next day, guess who was waiting for him?

This time the dog ran up to greet Schaffer. He tried to lure the dog using tofu from his lunch. Finally, he picked him up and put him in. Schaffer didn’t have much time before school started. He quickly drove the dog back to his apartment and his wife watched him while Schaffer zipped back to work.

Schaffer then took the afternoon off so he could go home and help the dog. However, Schaffer couldn’t keep him — his complex allows each apartment two dogs, and he was already maxed out with his own pooches.

Schaffer called dozens of rescue groups asking if they could take the dog, whom he decided to name Clive, but none had room. Since Clive needed immediate care, Schaffer brought him to the animal shelter in Harris County. Once there, Schaffer gave Clive a medicated bath.

Schaffer then began working with Clive. He sent the photos and videos he took to Urgent Shelter Pets of Houston’s Facebook page for help. Meanwhile, the time of Clive at the shelter was running out. Schaffer worried if no one saved him soon, he would be euthanized.

Finally, Schaffer received a good news. Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption volunteers noticed the video about Clive and wanted to help him. A couple in Austin, Texas, offered to foster him, and the rescue arranged Clive’s freedom ride from the shelter.

And when Clive first met his foster parents, it was obvious he could not wait to be part of a family. After some love and vet care, Clive is now healing up and looking great.

Clive will always have a special place in Schaffer’s heart. He tells Clive’s story to his students to educate them the importance of appropriate dog care.

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