Vet Had To Come Up With A Clever Way To Get A Malnourished Dog Eating Again

Vets truly do have to come up with smart and sometimes quite unusual ideas in order to help a dog in need overcome their struggles.

The vet of today’s story sure came up with a brilliant idea to make a dog feel safe!

Interesting Approach

the dog put a collar on the dog
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Graycie was a very sick and malnourished dog who was in desperate need of medical attention.

Prior to coming to Dr. Andy Mathis’s clinic, Graycie was found abandoned in the middle of the street, looking for scraps in order to survive.

When Dr. Andy came to give her her first lunch, she decided to hide in the corner and wait for the vet to leave the room.

the dog turns its head away from the vet
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However, Dr. Andy took a different approach.

He decided to grab his own lunch, get inside the kennel with Graycie, and start eating to show her that it was totally okay.

the vet feeds the dog
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Even though she needed some encouragement, Graycie soon gave in.

“I had to hand-feed her a little bit to get her started,” said dr. Andy.  

After Graycie realized just how yummy the food was, she started eating all by herself!

Graycie did take some breaks while eating just because she was still a bit hesitant of her new surroundings.

the vet asks the dog to eat
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But, after just having a little glimpse at Dr. Andy, who was still eating right next to her, she decided to get right back to it and finish the entire bowl.

Road To Recovery

Only three days later, thanks to the efforts of her doctor, Graycie started eating all by herself.

the dog eats from the bowl
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It’s been five days not since people found Graycie. Her appetite is great. She’s gained about a pound and a half. She’s 21 and a half pounds now.

Not only was Graycie’s physical state getting better, but also her mental state was improving drastically.

She started jumping around the clinic, playing with other dogs, and just enjoying her days overall.

two dogs are playing in the asylum
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Unfortunately, because she spent so much time being alone, Graycie still had to get used to having hoomans around.

We were going to adopt her out. The original plan was to get her well and find her a home.

However, after spending so much time with this adorable little pup, Dr. Andy just couldn’t part ways with her.

She’s pretty much happy being an office dog.

the dog is playing with a ball on the carpet
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New Life

Graycie stayed in the care of Dr. Andy and she couldn’t be happier.

She spends her days filled with love and adoration and even has an annual dinner with Dr. Andy, celebrating the day she was rescued.

the dog eats next to the owner
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This is just one of those stories that reminds us of just how important our vets truly are and how impactful their jobs can be.

Thank you to all the vets around the world… we salute you!

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