After Spending 10 Years In Shelter, Timid Pup Finally Opens Up To Her Human

All shelter pups dream of meeting their parents who would promise to love them forever and give them a loving home. 

Some dogs wait longer than others, but despite the long wait, they never lose hope that someday, they will leave the shelter in the arms of their parents.  

Bean is one of the shelter dogs who knows exactly how it feels to be overlooked time after time. Although she spent 10 years at a shelter, Bean didn’t let that bring her down.

The Shelter Life

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Ever since she arrived at Animal Refuge Center (ARC), located in Lee County, Florida, Bean became one of the shelter staff favorites. 

They took excellent care of her and made sure she had many adventures. The doggo spent her days splashing in the pool, going for walks, and playing fetch. Despite being an active dog who enjoyed her shelter life, Bean longed to have a home of her own. 

All of the shelter workers rooted for her to find her forever family, and they made a promise to her that it would happen someday. Although their girl spent many years in the shelter, her friends kept believing that she would get adopted.

They knew that Bean was shy, and that she would have to wait for the right human to come along.

The Pup Steals Larry’s Heart

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After spending 10 years at the shelter, the staff learned that there was somebody who really wanted to give Bean a forever home.

That someone was Larry. He fell in love with the pooch as soon as he saw her photo on the website. He immediately submitted an adoption application. 

Bean’s shelter friends were thrilled that Larry was interested in her. However, they were worried if he would be able to win her over.

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“Bean wasn’t going to be a ‘come in, meet the dog and take her home’ kind of situation. She was going to be a dog who someone would have to come back over time to get to know her,” Michelle Wilson, an adoption counselor at Animal Refuge Center, said. “I explained this all to Larry, and he said, ‘Whatever it takes.’”

Larry made up his mind to gain her trust, and he came to see her every day for about a month. He was very patient, and he would spend his time sitting by her kennel and giving her treats.

After a while, Bean agreed to go on walks with Larry and her handler. They bonded very fast, and they became great friends.

Bean Leaves The Shelter With Her Dad

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After seeing Bean open up to Larry, her shelter friends were overjoyed. They were sure that Bean was close to getting her happy ending.

When the adoption day finally arrived, the shelter staff were very happy for her. After they said goodbye to their longest shelter resident, they cried. They knew that they would miss her.

Although Bean had a wonderful time at the shelter in Florida, she wasn’t sad because she was leaving. The delightful pooch was over the moon to move to her forever home.

Her family showers her with love, and Bean lives her best life in her new home. She has her own pool and enjoys swimming. 

The adorable doggo is very happy and she can’t stop smiling. Finally, the wonderful pooch found the happiness that she deserved.


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