A neglected dog in a garden is taken in by the police officer who saved her

 A boxer-pit bull mix that had been abandoned, starved, and wounded was discovered on the ground at a public park in Bloomington, Indiana. People nearby immediately called the sheriff’s department for assistance after spotting her. It was heartbreaking for those watching.

They gave the puppy the name Daisy, and shortly after, Jeff’s fiancée Rosie Ahlberg was on her way back to their home. The nearby animal shelter was closed for the day, leaving the poor canine stranded. They decided that she would stay the night with them.

Daisy was brought into the City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control facility as soon as regular volunteer Ahlberg could. They found that she had a ruptured ACL, a damaged meniscus, a luxating patella, and, most likely, years of emotional suffering after responding to some open wounds and cooling some burns. The four owners of Daisy, who is only a few years old, have tracked her down.

The owner claims that after Daisy was hit by a car in April, they have had no further dealings with her.

This presented Ahlberg and Ripley with the ideal chance to demonstrate their love for Daisy.

Jeff has a great love for animals, said Ahlberg. The couple already owned two cats, a dog that was a rescue, and a dog, so getting another pet was a significant decision for them.

The couple felt compelled to adopt her after seeing how well she got along with the other animals in their home. Ahlberg stated, “We truly wanted to give this dog the opportunity to know love and what a wonderful home is.

Daisy quickly adjusted to her new environment. She’s just a few weeks old, but she already knows how to be petted, doesn’t bat an eye at loud noises, and gets along with the other animals.

Ahlberg stated that although taking up less space in the bed, the dog deserves it because she is such a good dog.

Daisy’s head is always pressed up against the bedroom window as I go for school in the morning, Ahlberg remarked. Throughout the few weeks it has taken Daisy to get settled in her new house, her love and commitment to her family have been quite evident.

Daisy’s condition is getting better, but she still needs surgery to cure her wounds.

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