The Story Of The Poor Angel Dog And The Message ‘Dogs Are Family’

Dogs are family – message for dog owners

We say and propagate it again and again but there are still dog owners who don’t understand: ‘Dogs Are Family’. They depend on us like children who need their parents’ protection. It’s simple. You bring a dog into your life, you have to give them what they need and what they want.

We realize that some people don’t want to see stories like this. But we still have to do our part to raise awareness. We must spread the word to show the world that just because a dog experiences tragedy doesn’t mean they’re forever broken.

Many people consider shelter dogs and dogs that have survived abuse as non-adopable. Well, that’s not true!

This is the story of the dog Angel. Angel was starving and on the verge of ‘de.ath’. She was rescued just in time. His organs have started to stop working. As you can see from his face he is in pain, weak and scared. Every bone in her body was painfully exposed.

The dog began to change thanks to the care of loving people.

Not only did Angel’s body turn off, but so did his mind. The lack of love and abuse for a long time really broke him down.

Even at that moment Angel’s survival was uncertain. But he has really smart people in his corner and knows what to do. They give Angel a small amount of food for the day. He was also given intravenous nutrition, antibiotics and pain relievers.

Every day, Angel is getting better. “We lent her our strength, until one day she found herself,” poignantly. But as you will see, they were in the right place! Angel led them. They see positivity in their eyes and trust when they tell Angel that he is loved now and will be fine. And then… Angel stood up on her own! Do you know how amazing that is?!

With a steady diet and continued medical care, Angel gained weight. His body is no longer weak. He looks very healthy and is beginning to feel what it is like to be a dog.

Angel has found a permanent home!

While we understand that it’s sometimes easier to want to stay happy knowing about animal abuse, that’s not the answer. When you love animals to the core, fighting for their happiness is truly the epitome of compassion. Getting the stories out there, like Angel’s, is how rescue groups survive. They operate on donations from animal lovers like us. It’s not just about money. It’s also about sharing stories like Angel’s so people can know exactly what happens when rescuers do their job when they have the necessary resources.

We ask that you continue to share stories of survival, like Angel’s, so that rescue groups can continue to thrive. And animals like Angels get permanent homes.

Right at this moment, there are thousands of Angel-like dogs languishing in their shelters waiting for their happiness forever. Many people will be ‘’ while potential owners go out and buy dogs from breeders. Please promote so these dogs can find a home. They deserve it!

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