Compassionate Friends Provide Loving Care for Ailing 19-Year-Old Lab Mix Surrendered to Texas Shelter

Annie the dog is 19 years old and all smiles!

Sadly, this was not always the case. In the summer, the Labrador retriever mix’s previous owner surrendered the elderly canine to a Dallas Animal Services facility. Annie came at the shelter in bad condition and with only a month to live, according to vets.

Dallas Animal Services publicized Annie’s tale on social media and encouraged animal lovers to consider fostering the dog to guarantee Annie’s final month was filled with affection.

Lauren Siler saw Annie’s post on Dallas Animal Services and “knew I had to figure out how to acquire her,” the business analyst tells PEOPLE.

“I then shared her photo to my roommate and best friend Lisa, who saw it and exclaimed, ‘We have to get her,’” Siler explains.

Siler and her friend Lisa Flores inquired about fostering the older dog through Dallas Animal Services. The shelter sent the couple to The Pawerful Rescue, which had taken over Annie’s care as she awaited a foster.

When Siler applied for fostering with Flores, she claims the Pawerful Rescue was “extremely honest about Annie’s illness and that the veterinarians projected we would have a month with her.”

Siler and Flores were unfazed by Annie’s shortened deadline. The pals, who met while working at the same elementary school five years ago, agreed to foster the Lab mix and give her “the greatest damned month of her life.” Siler and Flores made a bucket list for Annie to ensure that her days were filled with pleasure, affection, and comfort.

“When Lisa and I adopted her at the end of June, we expected her to stay for only a month. That’s when the idea of making a bucket list came to me “Siler states.

“We started with a few things like a car ride, swimming, a birthday celebration, and Christmas in July, and it just snowballed from there,” she says.

As the end of July approached, Flores and Siler, who had been recording Annie’s bucket list excursions on Instagram (@dallasanimalfoster), realized Annie “wasn’t ready to go,” so the pals continued to add to the list.

“She has had over 500 Valentines given to her for Valentine’s Day in August, produced paintings, been a chef and prepared handmade dog treats, held baby showers, gone on a hamburger tour, and so much more,” Siler said, adding that Annie’s over 19,000 supporters recommend what the senior dog should do next.

Annie has outlasted her veterinarian’s predictions by a long shot. The dog, who was only scheduled to survive for one month more in June, is still having fun with her foster family today.

“I believe she rapidly discovered that living here was “the good life.” We were going to pamper her rotten, say ‘Yes’ every time she asked for a treat, take her places, and give her a rich existence for as long as she stayed with us “Siler contributes.

Annie enjoys resting, snoring, toilet breaks, and receiving mail when she isn’t checking another item off her bucket list.

“When fan letter parcels arrive, she beams. It’s just funny! She has a genuine grin and enjoys receiving mail. We began filming her’smile’ every time someone sent her anything on Instagram, and many people have taken note “Siler states.

Annie enjoys eating and will “happy dance” for it. Siler and Flores hope Annie’s supporters are encouraged to give older rescue animals a chance after witnessing the senior dog’s puppy-like charm.

“We enthusiastically urge people to nurture. The sad fact is that without someone stepping up to foster, these pets are being put down on a regular basis because shelters are just overcrowded. Annie is unique to us, but she is not a unicorn. Hundreds of Annies are currently housed at a shelter. Waiting for someone to come forward and take care of them, “Siler states.

“These senior dogs have given so much of themselves to someone just to be abandoned at the shelter. I believe we owe it to these elders to assist them in finishing their lives strong “She continues.

Annie’s bucket list will remain active as long as the dog is interested and energetic enough to participate in the activities. Annie’s newest exploits may be seen on Instagram @dallasanimalfoster.

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