Courageous Dog Rescues Owner’s Life on a Frozen River in Siberia

This happened in Srednekolymsky, Yakutia, Russia, when the sled dog stood close to its owner’s body and drew attention until rescuers came.

Dogs’ faithfulness should never be questioned, for these furry creatures don’t waste time putting on their hero’s garb and rescuing the day whenever they are needed, because their unity and appreciation to the family comes first.

However, even these furry ones may be helpful to characters they don’t know but who require assistance to get out of a bad circumstance. And, no matter how convoluted things get at times, the assistance of a canine can mean the difference between life and a catastrophic death.

This was demonstrated by a hunting dog in the city of Srednekolymsky, Yakutia, Russia, who notified the individuals nearest to it that its owner had exhibited a health condition. Indeed, the man was unconscious on the ice after having a stroke.

According to the local newspaper Yakutia.Aif, he was one of the town residents who believed something horrible was happening on when he noticed the lonely dog alongside a sled. The dog appeared restless and refused to walk away, as if he was attempting to attract attention. This is how the resident phoned the emergency services to have them come and investigate.

It took the rescue crew 15 minutes to get at the scene. “We traveled to the spot on the snowmobile, you can’t actually drive by automobile there. The dog was quickly found, and his demeanor indicated that something was awry. We decided to investigate the area and followed the sled’s tracks. “The victim was found literally 400 meters from the shore: the man was laying face down on the ice,” said rescuer Ivan Berezhnov in an interview with this medium.

It would be a 53-year-old man who received quick first assistance, at which time they discovered that half of his body was paralyzed. Iván, who has medical education and has worked in critical care, understood what was happening to the man.

“We couldn’t catch the dog because it stayed where it found its owner and refused to allow anyone close it. We grabbed the fishing equipment and gave it to the victim’s next of kin. They should take the dog with them. “This is a hunting dog; he will not go lost,” the savior explained.

The man, who had had an ischemic stroke, was fortunate to be found in time.

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