A Dog Lunges At The Bus To Protect Its Human

To defend its owner, a dog rushes towards the bus. For good cause, this dog named Figo has been called a hero. The event occurred while on a stroll with his human partner Audrey Stone, 62, who is blind, in Brewster, New York. The heroic Golden Retriever was willing to give his life to defend his partner from any harm.

According to witnesses, the dog and lady were crossing the street when the driver of an incoming school bus failed to spot them. That’s when Figo leaped in front of the car, maybe saving the woman’s life.

Although Stone was injured in the collision, she suffered a fractured ankle and elbow, as well as three fractured ribs, but did not lose her life, likely thanks to her dog’s heroic efforts. Figo was also injured, suffering a deep bone wound in one of his front limbs, but he stayed with Audrey, even after paramedics arrived.

“There were 15 EMTs and other people surrounding him, and despite the horrific injuries caused by the accident, the dog didn’t want to leave his side,” witness Paul Schwartz told the newspaper. “The woman, too, didn’t want him to leave her,” Schwartz continues.

Stone is still being treated for her injuries, due to the service dog who put his life in danger for her. The staff at Veterinary Middlebranch say they will keep Figo safe and sound until the two can be reunited. The veterinary facility has stated that “Figo is sleeping comfortably and recuperating extremely well from his injuries,” bringing the end of this sorrowful saga to a joyful finale.

This is a clear example of the connection between humans and animals, it also shows us once again the love that these beautiful creatures give us day by day. They are beings who deserve respect and love as well as the one they give us, let’s be more animals.


Stone was reunited with his dog after more than four months. She has little recollections of the incident that drove Figo to hurl himself in front of a moving automobile.

“When I woke up, I was partially immobilized under the bus, and he was standing there with his paw hanging down, and he knew he was injured,” Stone explained, adding that she is grateful to the local firefighters who transported Figo to a veterinary clinic while she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

“I was always concerned about him. My veterinarian phoned me right away and informed me that he required surgery.”

He was hospitalized for a week in Danbury, Connecticut, and then spent three weeks recovering at a rehabilitation clinic.

An anonymous donor covered the expense of Figo’s therapy.

After a lengthy stay at Middlebranch, Figo was re-evaluated by the Guide Dog Foundation. After such a horrific occurrence, the organization needed to ensure that he could continue act as a service animal for Stone and assist him in walking in traffic.

The reunion day arrived, and Figo was taken home by the Guide Dog Foundation. Stone said that the dog was so enthusiastic that he began barking before even getting out of the car parked at the entrance.

“He knew he was coming home,” she explains. “He’s now forever at home.”

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