Dog Finally Finds His Furever Home After Being Returned To The Shelter 8 Times

As someone who has owned a dog before, there is perhaps nothing sadder than having to let your dog go.

It could be for any number of reasons, but regardless, it’s something that is impossible to prepare for.

In today’s story, we will talk about a dog who was abandoned multiple times by different people because of his age.

Meet Martin

a confused dog sits in the shelter
Source: SPCA of Wake County

In the eyes of his owner, Martin was the sweetest dog ever, and someone he loved very much. 

Unfortunately, due to his age, his 89-year-old owner could no longer take care of him, and so he set out to find him a good family.

This proved to be quite difficult because Martin was also 10 years old, so in the eyes of potential owners, he was a senior dog who didn’t have much time left, despite being very cheerful and outgoing.

Samantha Ranlet, marketing communications specialist at the SPCA, told The DodoHe adjusted pretty well. I don’t know if he understood what was going on, but even from day one, he was just this happy, easy-going, really sweet old man with a Teddy bear face.

a dog with a treat in its mouth is standing on the pavement
Source: Facebook

After going through many different ordeals, Martin just couldn’t find a suitable family for himself.

Ranlet continued by saying: He kept getting passed over again and again. In two months, seven adoptions fell through for various reasons.

Time went by and the adoptions failed one after the other. This was enough for the SPCA staff, who decided to make people aware of Martin.

Eight Time’s Is A Charm

cute confused dog standing on wooden floor
Source: SPCA of Wake County via The Dodo

After the post, his story went viral. His post had thousands of likes, shares, and people were asking about him.

The number of people who were applying to adopt him was just astounding. One of the applicants was an older couple.

Ranlet said: They weren’t afraid of his age and they weren’t afraid of the fact that he had heartworm disease. They just fell in love with him and his Teddy-bear energy.

He was taken in by the older couple, despite still taking therapy for his condition, but regardless, his adoption was complete.

the dog also lies on his pillow and rests
Source: SPCA of Wake County via The Dodo

Finally, Martin has found his new home and a family that cared for him. He also has a new companion – a cat named Hilltop. 

It’s so amazing to see senior dogs also getting a chance at adoption. Regardless of the age, a dog will always love you and be there for you, so never overlook that factor when you are considering adopting one.

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