Injured Stray Dog Makes An Incredible Transformation Into The Happiest Bunny

Our furry family members are deserving of our limitless love and affection. As soon as we welcome them into our life, we make a commitment to make them happy.

Sadly, there are many dog owners who neglect and dump their four-legged companions without feeling any remorse. The abandoned dogs are left to fend for themselves while facing danger day after day.

Bunny, a sweet pup, knows exactly how it feels to be neglected and abandoned by her family. After she got hit by a car, her owner decided to leave her.

That’s when good people stepped in to help her.

Good Humans Come To Her Rescue

close-up photo of the stray injured dog
Source: The Dodo

As soon as Pris, a staff member at a charity organization called Los Adoptables, received a call about a neglected dog who had been hit by a car, she knew she had to help her right away.

She joined forces with dog rescuers, Henry Friedman and Sydney Ferbrache, and also The Animal Pad, a non-profit dog rescue based in San Diego, California. They all rushed to save Bunny.

“When we first showed up, the dog owner was playing soccer with his buddy. All while his dog was wasting away on the ground. Not a care in the world,” Friedman said in a video on TikTok.

Their hearts sank when they saw the swollen and injured doggo who seemed to have given up on life. 

Friedman and The Animal Pad quickly took the pooch to see the vet. After he conducted a complete checkup, the vet informed them that the dog’s facial swelling was caused by dog bites.

Unfortunately, the pup’s back legs couldn’t be fixed. Bunny had to undergo an emergency surgery and have her back legs removed.

Luckily, Bunny’s surgery was successful, and she started feeling much better.

Feeling Safe And Loved

photo of man and the stray dog
Source: The Dodo

After a week, Bunny was discharged from the hospital, and she was welcomed into a wonderful foster home. Her foster mom, Lauren, loved snuggling with the doggo, and Bunny was overjoyed to feel safe and loved.

She hopped around the house, feeling excited to experience the warmth of a home. 

When Friedman visited Bunny, she was happy to see him. The pooch greeted him by licking his face.

Once Bunny made a complete recovery, Friedman wanted to take her for a walk. He carried the doggo around in a backpack. 

Although both of them enjoyed spending time together, it was clear that Bunny needed a special wheelchair to get around on her own.

Someone wrote a comment under the original TikTok video about Bunny, saying that she “deserves the Mercedes Benz of wheelchairs.”

At first, Friedman thought it was a funny comment. However, after giving it some thought, he decided to contact Mercedes Benz

“Bunny deserves the best. I pitched the idea to Mercedes, and they absolutely loved it. They agreed to hook Bunny up with a custom wheelchair,” said Friedman.

Happy To Run Around In Her Mercedes Wheelchair

dog in a wheelchair
Source: @bunnysbenz

Mercedes Benz worked together with Eddie’s Wheels, a company that makes customized wheelchairs for disabled pets, and they made a wheelchair to meet Bunny’s specific needs.

Bunny’s friends couldn’t wait to see her wheelchair in person. 

That day finally arrived! As soon as Bunny entered the Mercedes Benz dealership in San Diego County, everyone cheered for her, welcoming her with a round of applause.

Once they put the wheelchair harness on her and secured it, Bunny’s face lit up. She started running around with a big smile on her face. The doggo was over the moon.

She couldn’t wait to take a walk with her foster mom. While she strolled around the streets, Bunny stole the hearts of many people whom she met. 

She was eager to share her happiness with them, sniffing their hands and saying Hi.

It’s not clear whether Bunny found her forever home, but I’m absolutely sure that a pup as sweet and happy as her will soon get her happy ending.

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