Dog Missing For 2 Years Can’t Believe He’s Seeing His Family Again

When a little brown dog with a characteristic underbite was surrendered to the Wisconsin Humane Society in early July, he didn’t appear to be in need of a home.

The lady surrendering Payday, a 4-year-old dog, claimed she took him in after discovering him as a stray, but he wasn’t a good match for her family. Payday struggled to acclimate to his new surroundings in the shelter. He was full of enthusiasm, yet he was also afraid of new people and circumstances.


“He’s a really feisty dog,” the Wisconsin Humane Society’s vice president of communications, Angela Speed, told The Dodo. “He’s a small dog with a large personality.”

When no one expressed interest in Payday, the shelter’s media coordinator believed that more attention could help the small dog find a loving adoptive who could help him with his behavioral issues.

But they discovered so much more.


Speed received a call minutes after Payday was featured on FOX6 News Milwaukee’s Adopt-A-Pet segment.

“They told us that one of their viewers, Dwight, called in because he knew the puppy we had featured,” Wisconsin Humane Society said on Facebook. “He’d awoken early last Wednesday to the sounds of FOX6’s morning program, just as our volunteer began describing a small brown puppy with the cutest underbite.”

“Dwight generally shuts off his TV every night,” the letter added, “but must have left it on by accident — or possibly by fate.” “It simply took one look at the photo for Dwight to recognize Payday.”


Payday went missing two years ago after escaping during a nighttime stroll. Dwight had adopted Payday as a gift for his then-10-year-old daughter, who still longed for the dog.

Melissa, Dwight’s mother, hurried over to the shelter to pick up Payday, and the tiny dog’s entire attitude transformed as soon as he saw the familiar face.

The emotional reunion may be seen here:

“You could see he knew her right away, and it was such a happy reunion.” “It was magical,” said Speed. “While most people associate animal shelters with adoption, reconnecting abandoned animals with their family is an important component of our job.” It’s a remarkable moment every time we’re able to reconnect an animal with their family… It was an honor to be there.”

Payday has got a warm greeting, with relatives paying a visit to the family’s house. “They’re back to their old habits.” Payday is the first one to get up in the morning since he does not want to go out at night, and he wakes everyone up “Speed said. “He has two pittie dog siblings who are overjoyed to have him back, too. They were playing right away.”

After a difficult two years, the family finally feels whole again — all thanks to Payday’s 15 minutes of fame.

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