Dog Who Was Chained Up To A House Can’t Contain His Excitement When He Sees His Rescuer

When a man living in Detroit came home, he noticed something moving in the abandoned neighboring house.

When he went to investigate, he was met with the most adorable dog who was, unfortunately, chained to the house.

Rescue Mission

photo of scared dog chained to a house
Source: Rebel Dogs Detroit

The man immediately called for help, and Rebel Dogs Detroit was happy to answer the call.

They sent one of their volunteers, Tiffany Perkins, to check what was going on, and as soon as her eyes met the little pup, now named Beaker, her heart melted.

“Beaker was timid and cowered behind the garage to hide. He peeked out the side as I started calling for him. As I got closer, his tail started wagging. Then he pushed his weight against us for petting him — and seemed to be visibly relieved. He ‘meeped’ like a muppet, he was so excited, so he got the name Beaker!” said Tiffany.

Since Beaker had been tied away all alone for such a long time, he was a bit frightened of the hooman who approached him.

But, it only took him a few minutes to realize that Tiffany was there to help!

man helping the scared dog
Source: Rebel Dogs Detroit

Tiffany immediately unchained him from the house, and Beaker couldn’t have been more excited to finally be free.

Unfortunately, Tiffany noticed that Beaker had the chain stuck on his neck, making her rush him to the vet for a checkup.

At The Vet

While the vets were getting ready for surgery, Tiffany took the time to bond with Beaker even more, showering him with love he didn’t get before, but surely deserved.

close-up photo of the chain on dog's neck
Source: Rebel Dogs Detroit

We had lots of bonding time in the car waiting for his surgery for 5+ hours. He was napping with his head in my lap after a while.

Even though this dog had been through a lot, he did not let that stop him from having fun or soaking up every ounce of love that had been thrown his way.

Luckily, the surgery was a success and Beaker was taken to a foster home for his recovery.

rescued dog standing on grass looking at camera
Source: Rebel Dogs Detroit

Beaker seems to have left his past life behind and is enjoying his new one filled with people who care for him and continue to shower him in adoration.

He’s learning how to be an indoor dog with unconditional love in his foster home.

dog with a harness sitting
Source: Rebel Dogs Detroit

Final Word

Beaker is all healed up now and is currently looking for a forever home, preferably one with another energetic dog with whom he will enjoy long walks and playdates filled with never-ending fun.

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