Guy Finds A Puppy Using A Shoe For Shelter And Gives Her A Whole New Life

Goran Marinkovic often carries food with him while he walks the streets of Kraljevo, Serbia.

He feeds approximately 100 stray dogs and cats that have no one to care for them every day, but in March of last year, he came upon a little puppy he couldn’t bear to abandon.


“I heard weeping coming from the rocks as I passed along a tight route,” Marinkovic told The Dodo. “She was freezing, hungry, and thirsty.” I had food, so I immediately handed her salami.”

The small puppy was living near a mound of rubbish, shielded from the weather by an old boot. The puppy was too small to be alone, and Marinkovic couldn’t discover any other dogs around.


As he approached the dog, she quickly laid down and displayed her tummy to him.

“She was really fatigued,” Marinkovic added. “She thought I could be her only hope, so she lay down and surrendered to fate.”


Marinkovic picked up the small puppy and drove her to the veterinarian. He wasn’t sure if she’d make it after being alone for so long, sleeping under the sky. But the puppy, whom he called Coco, would not let him go.

Coco’s affectionate nature began to emerge as she regained her strength: “She likes people,” Marinkovic added. “She’s usually upbeat.”


Marinkovic’s inbox was inundated with messages offering to take in the dog after he posted images of her on Facebook. Marinkovic, on the other hand, wanted to make sure she had the greatest possible home.

He contacted one of his friends and other rescues who was familiar with foreign animal adoptions. Coco then proceeded to her new home in Germany after receiving all of her vaccines.

Coco looks nothing like the ill puppy Marinkovic discovered lying beneath a shoe a year ago. She’s developed into a cheerful, fluffy puppy that loves going on trips with her family.


“[Coco] has a lovely home and is now on vacation.” “I receive images all the time – they’re at sea right now,” Marinkovic explained. “Every rescued street dog who finds a home is a win for me.”


Marinkovic wishes that every stray in Serbia was as fortunate as Coco. However, with the assistance of people like Marinkovic, these dogs are one step closer to receiving the life they deserve.


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