Everyone Laughs At This Shelter Dog Because He Looks Like A “Hippopotamus” Yet He Is Trying To Satisfy Someone

 When Wally initially arrived at the Town of Islip Animal Shelter, he had a terrible existence. He was around ten years old when he came in as a stray, and it was clear that he had lived outside for the majority of his life. Despite everything, Wally merely wanted someone to love him unconditionally from the beginning, and his new shelter friends leapt in to show him all the affection he had been lacking.

Among other physical issues, Wally had a severe skin condition, was blind in one eye, and obviously stood out from the crowd. His new friends worried that his peculiar look would scare off prospective families, but they hoped that everyone else would recognize the wonderful dog they had grown to like so fast.

The Town of Islip Animal Shelter’s Danielle Gorle, a veterinary technician, told The Dodo that the dog “loves to slobber on you and will do anything for some food.” He also enjoys relaxing by doing nothing but hanging around.

Wally is a wonderful dog with a lot of love to give and only wants to find a family to share it with. However, the shelter has been housing the pup for over a year.

Senior dog Wally just wants to enjoy his golden years, and his rescuers are working hard to find him a forever family as quickly as they can because living in the shelter is wearing him out.

Gorle noted, “He looks to be losing ground. He was happy when he first showed up. He enjoys going outside, but He seems to be unhappy within his kennel.

Wally would flourish in a peaceful setting free of stairs, young children, and other pets. Wally will give you his unconditional love, but other from that, all he wants is a family that understands his medical requirements.

All Wally wants to do now is spend the rest of his days cuddling with a family who appreciates him because he had a rough life.

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