Frightened Foster Dog Hid In The Bushes During His Walks

Having a loving home and a wonderful family is essential to a dog’s happiness. As their parents, we shower them with love and we take pride in watching them blossom into joyful canines.

The fact that many dogs get abandoned and surrendered to shelters makes me feel sad. The once happy pups suddenly lose their homes and the humans whom they loved. Feeling rejected by their own family, the surrendered dogs become fearful and distrustful of people.

In our following story, we will talk about Forrest, a scared pup who had a hard time trusting humans again after his owner renounced him and left him at a shelter.

Helping Forrest Overcome His Fear

foster dog in a kennel
Source: The Dodo

Forrest was surrendered to Angela’s Ark, an animal rescue located in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was one of the 30 dogs that lived together on the property, and their owner gave them up on the same day.

Angela, the rescue’s founder, decided to foster Forrest.

After she welcomed him to her home, Angela realized how terrified he was. He didn’t let her approach him, and he spent most of his time cowering in the back of his crate.

She tried to win him over by giving him treats, but the doggo didn’t move at all. He looked sad, trying to avoid any interaction with her.

Angela did her best to make him feel better, and she took him on his first walk. She tried to walk him on a leash, but the scared pup completely froze. 

He seemed to be afraid of everything. Wishing to be alone, he found a hiding place in the bushes and he curled up in a ball.

The Sweet Dog Learns To Trust Humans Again

dog hiding in a bush
Source: The Dodo

Soon, Angela found the best way to help Forrest come out of his shell. 

Since Forrest used to live with other canines on the property, Angela decided to walk Forrest with her other doggos. 

When he saw Angela’s dogs running around the yard, Forrest joined them. He became relaxed and he started having fun. They helped Forrest build his confidence, and he became comfortable with them.

three dogs in a living room
Source: Angela’s Ark

As time passed, the pooch became closer to his foster mom.

“… He would just start to get closer and closer. Eventually it just built up to: I was sitting on the floor working one day, and he just laid down in this little ball to the right of me, and I’m pretty sure I held my breath because I couldn’t believe that he was relaxing next to me,“ said Angela.

The doggo felt safe and he completely trusted Angela. Finally, he let his foster mom stroke him and give him all her love.

Forrest loved cuddling with her. His face radiated with joy and his tail wagged.

Searching For The Perfect Family

dog lying on a deck in sunshine
Source: @hazelnutforrest

Angela took the time to find the perfect family for Forrest. He needed somebody who would understand him completely.

After some time, she found him a forever home in Charlotte. Forrest’s family followed his story all along, and they couldn’t wait to take him home. They were convinced that it was meant to be.

It wasn’t easy for Angela to say goodbye to her beloved Forrest, but she knew she had to let him find his happiness. She was overjoyed that the sweet pooch found the perfect family for himself.

Showered with immense love, Forrest continued to thrive in his forever home. 

He blossomed into a happy pup, and he loves wrestling with his doggy sister, Hazel. The two of them are very close. 

Forrest and Hazel sometimes post about their adventures on their Instagram account. They love eating Kongs full of peanut butter. Their parents shower them with love, and the two pups are in love with their life. 

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