Frightened Shelter Chihuahuas Transform After Feeling Grass Under Their Paws For The First Time

Dogs are gentle, furry creatures who are deserving of immense love and affection. When we welcome them into our home, we make a commitment that we will give them everything they need in order to thrive.

It makes me deeply sad to hear that some dog owners are capable of mistreating their pups and depriving them of freedom, love, and care.

Our following story is about twelve senior Chihuahuas who were mistreated by their owner, too. He was hoarding them in his home, without letting them go outside. 

Rescuing Twelve Scared Chihuahuas

chihuahua puppies in the car
Source: True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission

The dogs were neglected, and they spent years living in dreadful conditions. After their owner passed away, they were taken to a shelter in Miami.

The shelter contacted True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, a non-profit organization that specializes in saving seniors from high-kill shelters in Florida, and asked them to take them in. 

The rescue agreed, and the Chihuahuas were transferred to their ranch in Venice, Florida.

Once they arrived at the rescue, all of the dogs were frightened and distrustful. They were unsure of everything around them. 

When they were about to be brought into the rescue, the pups huddled together. It was clear that none of the Chihuahuas had been socialized. 

They grew up without being given the opportunity to experience life. Judging by their reaction, the rescuers assumed that they had never been held.

the girl is holding a chihuahua puppy in her arms
Source: True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission

“When picking them up, most of them were very squirmy and uncomfortable in our arms. Many completely froze out of fear, their legs sticking out, locked up, toes spread apart, their eyes bulging,” said Lisa Letson, the founder and president of True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission.

The rescue staff let the frightened pups outside. At first, they didn’t know what to do. All twelve Chihuahuas gathered on the rocks and refused to move. They felt confused. 

Discovering Freedom

a litter of chihuahua puppies
Source: True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission

Half an hour later, they moved from the rocks to the grass. Once they felt grass under their little paws for the first time, their behavior changed completely.

“They all started to run around the grass together, exploring every square inch. They kept hopping and prancing through the grass with their tails wagging and smiles spread around their little faces,” said Letson.

They turned into playful and excited puppies who began to discover the joys of life. The rescuers were deeply moved after witnessing this transformation. Watching them enjoy their freedom made their hearts melt.

After they enjoyed their time running and playing in the grass, the tiny dogs were brought inside. The pooches were given a bath, and they had their nails trimmed and their ears cleaned.

They were taken to Davie Veterinary Center, in Florida, where they had a complete medical checkup. The Chihuahuas had skin irritation, and they received medical treatment. Apart from that, they also needed some dental work.

two chihuahua puppies on a blanket
Source: True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission

The sweet pups were unsociable, and their caregivers knew that they would need more time to get used to humans and new surroundings. 

Some of the Chihuahuas were feral. The shelter members were sad when they saw them trembling and avoiding their help. 

They did everything they could to make the adorable Chihuahuas feel better, and gradually, they began accepting the help of their shelter friends. 

The pups were given a lot of care and affection. After some time, they started feeling more relaxed.

Their rescuers were glad to see that the pooches were making great progress.

Moving To Their Forever Homes

an elderly woman with glasses holds a chihuahua puppy in her arms
Source: @truefaithfulpetrescuemission

Once they healed, the senior pups were up for adoption. The rescue was looking for adopters who had experience with unsociable or feral dogs – people who would love them very much and be patient with them.

The Chihuahuas stole the hearts of many people, and they soon found their forever homes. Their parents couldn’t wait to welcome them into their homes. They promised to cherish and dote on them forever.

The adorable dogs are showered with love. They enjoy running in their yards and feeling free. Finally, they live the life that they were always supposed to live

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