Woman Is Surprised When She Finds 10 Small Puppies Living In A Rock Cave

When talking about beautiful rescue stories, this one would certainly get an award for being the most heartwarming on the list.

It’s not common to see such devotion and passion for rescuing stray dogs, especially when there are so many of them.

In this story, we will talk about a woman who rescued 10 tiny puppies and their mother from an awful rock cave in the middle of nowhere.

The Cutest Discovery

When Eve got a call about a group of dogs living inside a rock cave, it was not what she expected.

She was told that the woman who lived there had been feeding the dogs, but wanted to help them by calling animal rescuers.

Eve was surprised when she went there because there were 10 small puppies living with their mom in horrible conditions.

The woman led their mom away from them, so that the rescuers can grab them and escort them to safety.

puppies walking around rocks

Eve did her best trying to get them all in a crate, but many of them resisted and went further back into the cave.

This was a big problem because she could barely fit into the cave where they were hiding and the other puppies continued evading her.

After a lot of time and effort, all the babies were finally safe in the car, and their mom was right there with them.

Mission Accomplished

photo of puppies found in a rock cave

In an interview for The Dodo, Eve said: We felt really accomplished getting them in the car. We brought them first to the backyard and just kind of set up a playpen for them to sniff everything.

Their mom, on the other hand, enjoyed the luxury of a proper couch and really made herself at home.

It was time to name the mom and the puppies, so Eve gave the right to name them to a little girl who worked with them before.

‘Stranger Things’ was the idea she came up with and everyone loved it, so all the puppies were named after the characters from the series.

close-up photo of the rescued puppy

Time flew by and the puppies were being slowly adopted one by one. All dogs found amazing families who cherish every moment they spend with them.

Eve said: We were really sad when the puppies left, but we’re seeing these amazing families that they’re going into, and you know that that’s perfect.

The only one who still hasn’t found his family is Dustin, but I have no doubt that he, too, will find someone who will take him to his new home.


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