All Her Puppies Got Adopted, But No One Wanted Her Because She Was Timid  

Almost always, adorable puppy eyes steal the spotlight, leaving the senior dogs at shelters very much overlooked.

While her precious puppies found loving homes, one after another, this gentle momma, despite her undeniable charm, faced the harsh reality of being passed over. 

It’s a common scenario in the animal adoption world, where the youngest and ‘cutest’ find their forever homes swiftly, while the seniors and nurturing moms like our sweet Brisbane patiently await their turn. 

Just because she required a bit more time and patience to uncover her hidden treasures… luckily, it all changed when Caroline came into her life. 

Meet Brisbane, The Rescue

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When sweet Brisbane arrived at the shelter, she had just had her puppies, and all of them found their forever homes swiftly. She was the only one left because she was scared and timid. 

Her shelter description said, “she is fearful upon meeting people, and is somewhat hesitant to approach.”

Thankfully, her current mom, Caroline, happened to stumble across her listing for adoption. As soon as she read her description, she knew she wanted to meet her. 

“It started off with a lot of fear and apprehension on her side and patience from our side. She wouldn’t eat if we were in the same room as her food. She made little quiver sounds whenever she was nervous and would skimper off into a corner or under a table. But day by day, treat by treat, walk by walk, we slowly built up trust,” Caroline said in one of her Instagram posts.  

Ever since Brisbane arrived at their home, she has just blossomed into an amazing dog. 

dog laying on the grass

These two were simply meant to be together, and it shows.  

According to Caroline, she has never bonded with a dog like she has with her. Over time, they have just grown closer and closer, and are now almost inseparable. 

“She sleeps right by my head at night. She lets me pick her up now, and she gets super excited when I come home,” Caroline said. 

smiling young woman with happy dog

Caroline worked hard on building trust with fearful Brisbane until she finally realized that she could trust her and that she was safe. It all worked out in the end, and now they are the best of friends. 

The Most Iconic Flip Flopping Ears 

cute dog with tree flowers

According to Caroline, Brisbane is very quirky for a dog, and she likes to do very silly things that not a lot of dogs would do. 

She is also super-intelligent, and learns new tricks very quickly. Within a week, she was able to pick up very difficult tricks that Caroline’s other dog couldn’t master with over eight years of trying. 

Brissy’s personality has truly come out of the shell, which has also won the hearts of many people online.

“She looks like a Dingo, but instead of the straight ears, they’re floppy. Floppy ears.”

The videos of her floppy ears flopping around are a true mood booster for many people all over the world. It’s so adorable that it’s impossible not to fall in love with her: 

“To bond with a fearful dog is truly a gift, it is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. If you are considering a rescue… don’t shy away from the fearful ones, you just may be missing out on the greatest dog in your lifetime,” Caroline said. 

We couldn’t have said it any better. It takes a lot of love and patience, but the love you receive in return is simply unmeasurable. 

Thank you, Caroline, for not overlooking Brissy and giving her the life she truly deserves. Check out Brisbane’s Instagram account for more updates and adorable content. 

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