Shelter Dog Is Very Happy To See The Family He Thought He Had Lost Forever

Cow, the beautiful dog, was left tied up in a fence outside the Louisiana SPCA facility in January. He was afraid and didn’t appear to grasp what was going on at the time.

When a shelter worker assisted him and led him inside, he refused to tolerate anybody near him and remained perplexed.

NeNe Lewis, a shelter resident, told The Dodo:

“When he encountered new individuals, he felt terrified and hissed. When he was given goodies and was treated like a baby, he would stop. His reaction is typical given that he was discovered tethered to our fence.”


Cow began to relax with the other animals and shelter employees after a few days of adjusting to her new surroundings. He’d been at the shelter for two months, but volunteers were doing everything they could to find him a loving permanent home.

Instead of finding him the right family, they discovered something much better: they discovered a family that had apparently lost him.


Cow had a family, and the shelter personnel had been hunting for them for several months. Unscrupulous persons had apparently stolen him and either moved him to the outside of the shelter or simply abandoned it there.


The greatest part is that when Cow’s family learned that they had discovered him, they were overjoyed and worked hard to arrange a reunion.

Cow, on the other hand, had become used to everyone at the shelter since he was a very lovely and loving dog who had demonstrated his genuine self. However, when he met his mother again, he experienced a degree of happiness that no one had ever seen in him before.


NeNe continued:

“Cow was ecstatic to see his family. He was wagging his tail and leaping on the walls like we’d never seen him before! It was clear from his emotion when he was reunited with his family!”

He jumped into her arms after seeing his mother and dissolved into a succession of wagging, caresses, and hugs.

Cow returned to his family, and everyone was overjoyed that she had assisted with the reconciliation.


The friendly Cow had been apart from his family for several months, but when he met them, he seemed to have never spent so much time with them due of his enthusiasm.

Now, owing to the work of the shelter, he is back with the people he loves and appears to be overjoyed to be back where he belongs.

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