Old dog reunited with owner after being lost for a long time

After a long time lost, they met again and both exploded with emotion

After the celebrations for the Independence of the United States, a couple found a frightened dog near a highway. And because of the dates they thought she ran away from the fireworks. The creature ran around her car and hid under her, not wanting to get out. After insisting on the animal several times, they managed to get it out from under her and took it to her house to give it food, water and treat a wound on her face. She spent the night safely and felt much calmer.

“She was very quiet and shy. She never barked once. She never made a peep,” said Marilyn Williams. After having regained their energy, the couple called Mitchell County Animal Rescue Inc. to take care of her and find her owners.

Shelter members recognized her as soon as they saw her. It was about Fiona, an old dog who had been missing for a little over a month after disappearing during a vacation with her family. They had already seen her face on a missing dog sign, which was posted on the front door of the same shelter.

Knowing that she had owners, they only checked her microchip and called her owner. To let her know that her four-legged friend had been found safe and sound. The expected reunion did not take long to take place and the woman came to the shelter to return home with her dog.

“When Fiona heard it, she was very emotional,” said a shelter volunteer. As could be seen in a video of the shelter on the Facebook social network. Fiona was still shy and quiet, but as soon as she saw her owner in front of her she walked safely into her arms.

The woman could not hold back her tears when her pet was finally close to her, she filled her with caresses and love after so long. While she Fiona did not stop wagging her tail as she realized that she was finally back with her favorite person.

Marilyn and her partner will miss Fiona, but are glad that she has returned safely to her home. She where she lives and they have waited for her for a long time. “It’s a really happy ending to a really special story,” she said. Everything went as it should.

Below you can see the video where you can see the reunion of this woman with the dog lost for a month:

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