After giving birth a dog, who was visibly covered by cigarette burns was callously discarded from a moving van. Left abandoned on the roadside.

Upon discovery, by officers the dog exhibited difficulties in walking a result of her recent delivery.

Dubbed Ruby by the officers this resilient canine was observed closely trailing a dog walker in Leighton, Crewe during the evening hours of July 11.

Expressing her concern PCSO Lizzie Jolley from the esteemed Cheshire Police shared “Ruby was in an alarming state—trembling and struggling to move. It was evident that she had recently given birth to a litter of puppies.”

Recognizing Rubys plight a resident named Neil stepped forward. He wholeheartedly. Accompanied Ruby on walks while generously bestowing upon her a collar and leash. Eventually authorities ensured Rubys well being by arranging for a visit to the veterinarian the following morning.

Continuing her account PCSO Jolley conveyed with gratitude “The vets evaluation indicated head injuries with cigarette burns and noticeable scars across her back.”

“Furthermore Ruby faced challenges. Considering the trials she had endured we remain deeply grateful, for Neils kindness extended towards her.”PCSO Jolley mentioned that Ruby was reported to be, in health by veterinarians on Wednesday, July 12th. The police have also arranged a home for the dog.

She further stated, “Ruby did not have a microchip and no one has reached out to us or the veterinarians regarding a missing dog.”

Furthermore the police made sure to check missing pages to locate the owner.

“I would like to extend my gratitude to Neil, the dog walker for bringing this matter to our attention and also express my appreciation for the staff at Nantwich Vets ” she added.

“All of you have been absolutely incredible! Knowing that Ruby is now in your care brings us relief as she is such a soul who should no longer suffer.”

Ruby, who was left behind at 7 p.m. On Tuesday July 11th is currently the focus of a police investigation. The police are seeking any surveillance footage, from the Queens Park Drive neighborhood.

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