Dog Reunited With His Mother After 2 Years Of Being Lost

Twixx, Linda Harmon’s beloved dog, got lost about two years ago. The mischievous dog was an expert escape artist who dug enormous holes in the fence. He has a scar on his skull from one of his attempted escape attempts.

Linda’s husband put up metal posts around the yard’s fence to keep Twixx in. When they couldn’t find it, they were perplexed and unable to explain how his dog had disappeared.

The family began searching immediately away. They posted photos of Twixx on social media and posted notices throughout the neighborhood in an attempt to rapidly locate their dog.

After seeing the dog’s Facebook post, a woman texted Linda and provided him images of a dog with a scar on its head that matched Twixx’s scar exactly.

Linda stated:

“I’m very sorry to give this to you, but I found your Twixx, she said. Here is a photo of the man who was struck on the side of the road.

Linda called the microchip company to get the device removed after presuming her dog had died, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“In my heart, I never truly believed it. You have to let this go, my spouse told me. Your tears are for him. But I swore I would never have another dog, and for the next two years, I didn’t.”

She recently received a call from the Mobile County Animal Shelter asking whether she had ever had a chipped pet while out with her church group. Linda remembers that she began to cry and that her church mates approached her in concern, but that her tears were tears of joy.

The shelter made the transition easier by holding the dog behind the door while she spoke to him. The lady was worried that her dog wouldn’t recognize her after all this time and might grow uncomfortable or scared by her presence.

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