They Were Put On Kill-list After Nobody Wanted Them, The 4 Elderly And Toothless Chihuahuas Finally Are Adopted All Together

 Julie Docherty was terrified of having a pet after moving to Los Angeles. She volunteered to walk dogs at a nearby shelter instead because it required a huge time commitment and she was still getting adjusted to her new surroundings. On her first visit to the shelter, she fell in love with MoMo, an 11-year-old Chihuahua, and ended up adopting him!

She opted to take in three larger chihuahuas after discovering that the canine had numerous elderly pets. Julie’s four Chihuahuas (Benito, MoMo, Choli, and Paloma) are wonderful despite the fact that none of them have a single tooth!

The quartet functions like a senior dog club, doing everything together. This cute Chihuahua pack is living their golden years like kings and queens, from sunbathing to snoozing together!

Julie began taking geriatric puppies in order to provide them with a loving home throughout their golden years. What a sweetie!

Check out this great video by The Dodo!

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