Rescue Dogs Experience A Soft Blanket For The Very First Time In Their Life

National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR), based in Peyton, Colorado, was established with a mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome discarded breeding dogs as well as educate the public about the horrible reality of the breeding industry. 

They struggle to save ‘breeder stock’, puppies that were deemed worthless and dogs that no one want anymore.

“We may not be able to save them all, but we’re sure gonna try” ~ NMDR

Besides saving thousands of dogs and doing the most incredible job, this rescue also has a very unique tradition of giving a soft blanket to every new rescue that arrives at their facility. 

In many cases, it’s their first time ever seeing one…

A Rescue Dog’s Very First Blanket 

the dog by the door sniffs the red blanket
Source: National Mill Dog Rescue

Receiving a soft blanket for the very first time is a very special moment for a rescue dog. 

“Most of them have lived in cages lined with wire bottoms, so when they encounter these blankets, they really don’t know quite what to do,” Melody Kahtava, NMDR’s social media manager, told The Dodo

Sadly, these dogs have suffered a lot of cruelty in their short life, and they have never felt the warmth of a loving hand, let alone laid on a soft blanket. 

These blankets may not be a lot, but they are a symbol of their new life – the life after being rescued that they have yet to experience. 

cute dog covered with a brown blanket
Source: National Mill Dog Rescue

No more cold concrete, darkness, and living in small cages. 

According to the shelter, the dogs usually have a truly priceless reaction after they get their very first blanket. 

“Some are a little fearful, while others seem ready to greet the change. What a special gift when that softness and comfort is something you’ve never experienced,” said the rescue in one of their posts.  

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Figuring Out What To Do 
Almost all dogs have a very similar reaction to their new blanket. 
Initially, they are a bit skeptical about the gift, and their first instinct is to use their nose and give it a sniff. 
two cute dogs approach the blanketSource: National Mill Dog Rescue
Blankets can be very comforting, but when a dog has never seen one, it can be both scary and exciting.
Dogs usually experience surprise, delight, trepidation, and plain curiosity when they see it for the first time. 
“Many do a lot of cautious sniffing. And some just bound onto them like it’s the best thing they’ve ever seen… because it pretty much is. They certainly learn to treasure them rather quickly. Most can be seen snuggling with them routinely.” Kahtava said. 
Blankets can make dogs calmer and happier, especially after everything they’ve been through. 
Something as simple as a soft blanket provides them with such comfort that we all take for granted. 
“We often find them snuggling in their blankets, albeit alone, but soothing. Such a sweet and precious sight to see these dogs enjoying the comforts we all take for granted,” said the rescue. 
This is Rascal – one of their rescue dogs who loves to tuck himself in for the night with his precious gift:

When the dogs finally get adopted into their forever home, each one receives a brand-new blanket. 

“It’s a very special part of our adoption process,” Kahtava told The Dodo. 

a shaggy white dog sleeps on a pink blanket
Source: Melody Kahtava via The Dodo

National Mill Dog Rescue usually rescues numerous dogs at once, and they are often in need of many products, including blankets. 
If you would like to donate and help make the dog’s transition from a puppy mill to a new home run smoothly, please visit their website.

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