A college student spends the entire night holding a dying sanctuary dog in her arms so that the dog would not pass away alone

 Although we would do anything to preserve every dog, it is simply not possible. Janine Guido encountered this when she first met Watson the dog. Because she started Speranza Animal Rescue, she is in responsibility of several animals.

A college student was alone when he discovered the pit bull Watson in a park in Philadelphia. The student found the dog and rushed him to a hospital emergency room because he was famished and had wounds. The students were notified by the veterinarian that Watson was in danger. It’s urgent since his cancer is becoming worse.

Watson walked from the veterinarian’s office to the animal shelter. Watson may remain at the shelter as comfortably as possible, according to the staff.

I had a gut sense that the following day would not be pleasant, Guido confided to Dodo.Not when he needs me the most, I don’t want to leave him behind.

She rounded up some blankets and dog beds before attempting to sooth him while holding him. All night long she held Watson as he fell asleep.

According to Guido, “He slept like a rock all night, cuddling close to me.”I fell asleep and woke up crying.

Watson stopped eating and drinking the next morning and began to circle. Guido was aware that he would perish. She supported him at this trying time.

Watson died soon after, after experiencing love for the first time in his life.

Guido remarked, “I’m glad I was able to hold him on his last night.” I told him how much I cared for him and how significant I was in his life.Even though my heart is broken, I won’t change a thing.

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