Kindest Stray Dog Helps Kids Safely Cross The Street Every Day

Kupata, a stray dog, enjoyed helping children cross the street in Batumi, Russia’s former Soviet Republic. The boy who helped children walk across the street received a lot of attention online.

The stray dog intentionally stopped the car while the children were crossing the street. He wanted to make sure the kids cross the street safely and he did this every day.

Kupata became enraged whenever a car drove through the crosswalks while the children were crossing the street. However, he took his job seriously and waited almost an hour for the children to settle in the park.

Tamta and Beqa, Kupata’s neighbors, discovered the doggo felt taking care of the kids was his duty. He loved everyone, and everyone loved him. Actually, the lovely dog had a serious demeanor. He never went to any other streets.

The people in the neighborhood observed his kind and friendly nature a few years back and decided to take care of him. However, Beqa recently posted a social interaction of the doggo with the kids online.

He wanted to show the world that stray dogs are kind and friendly. He wanted everyone to realize that stray dogs needed assistance since not everyone is as fortunate as Kupata to live in a welcoming community. Everyone in the neighborhood fed the dog, which was why he looked so healthy.

Kupata’s meaning in Georgian is sausage. The pup slept at a neighbor lady’s house, whom everyone called Nona. The neighborhood people wanted to show the world that stray dogs are responsible and loyal, and there was no need to be afraid of them.

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