Sickly Puppy Used All She Had To Sit Up And Tell Mom It Would Be All Right.

For humans, life on the streets may be terrible enough. Animals are also deprived of food, shelter, and clean water. Many groups attempt to assist them by feeding them or offering shelter when possible. Meet Animal Aid, a wonderful charity that helps animals and does a fantastic job. Animal charities support stray animals in a number of ways all around the world. For example, Animal Aid does everything it can to house and feed the animals in addition to providing medical treatment.

Animal Aid received a call about a puppy who was suffering from acute mange. Mange is often difficult to cure, even with lots of love and care. Her disease had progressed to the point that she had lost her hair, making her vulnerable to secondary infections, parasites, and sunburns. To assist the dog, Animal Aid sent volunteers. Caring offers poured in since she was obviously hungry–but she had no intention of getting picked up.

The dog was on the streets because she was a new mother. It took a lot of persuasion and dog treats, but the volunteer was finally able to take up Momma. It was now time to seize her pups.

When Momma’s puppies were discovered, they were suffering from mange, and Coco was in horrible health. Our volunteer scooped up the weakest pup and carried her to her mom in order to rescue both dogs. Coco will be given the second chance at life that she so well deserves.

Momma was placed on the examination table. Her skin was plagued with mange. She required topical antibiotic ointment and medicinal baths on a regular basis. They thought that with their dedication and proper nourishment, she would recover completely. Momma was terrified, but the medical staff did everything they could to calm her down.

Coco was also tested. She was underweight and sluggish, so the medical team that administered the topical therapy to her skin gave her a lot of comfort and affection. The dog would require dermatological baths on a regular basis. Fortunately, landlords in these circumstances permitted both mother and infant to stay at the rescue facility during the healing time.

After some time, the dogs felt comfortable enough to eat their first meal. Momma and Coco weren’t used to being caged or dealing with humans in this capacity, but the volunteer knelt down with the best of intentions – feeding them a nice dish of food. When the dogs started eating it, the sentiments of warmth in the room soared, especially among the volunteers.

Even though the dogs were secure, they were in an unfamiliar setting. Coco, who was frail and little, clung to her mom whenever she had the chance. She could only sleep curled into her mother’s body. It was breathtaking to witness. Their love was palpable and undeniable.

Coco and her mom significantly improved after a couple of weeks of hard therapy. Coco even had the energy to play, which drove Momma insane. The volunteers were taken aback when the sweetest thing happened next. Coco kept a close watch on her mom and emulated everything she did. Coco rubbed her ear if Momma scratched hers. Coco sat down to scratc

Thank you very much for the wonderful work that Animal Aid does for animals in need! Please watch their video below.

Take a look at this touching story with a VERY happy ending!

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