Skinny Dog Only Dared to Lean Against The Wall, Waiting to Receive The Leftovers of Heartless Men

 Hello and welcome to Baikal! When I saw his picture, my heart ached and tears welled up in my eyes.

Baikal was leaning against a wall, anticipating grocery store leftovers. A dry skeleton is unarguable.

Man is the most heinous creature on the planet. They were well fed, while a starving, cold dog begged for their assistance. They didn’t seem to mind at all. He left to pursue other opportunities.

Baikal was depressed and downcast…. I’m disabled and sick. It was covered in demodicosis.

Baikal was driven to the vet by a kind volunteer from Angel Sobaki Help, a non-profit Russian organization, after receiving consolation. In the car, she was always talking to this sweet boy.

Inflammation and discharge from the eyes The ears have a strong odor. I’d never seen claws so long before.

Vets wanted to help him forget what he’d been through because he was so nice.

Baikal’s intestines became inflamed after they took him for an ultrasound the next day. Most likely as a result of not eating for several days. Because of the nutrients, Baikal is already feeling better.

Baikal can run around after only 9 days, is friendly with everything, is very attractive, and trusts people. She resembles a sheepdog in appearance. His weight is 31 kilograms.

Baikal had grown into a very handsome man with a sweet nose almost two months later. What an amazing transformation. He is simply an active dog who is overjoyed with his wonderful days.

He’s on the lookout for a place to live! Could you please give him the opportunity to be a good son?

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