This Astute Golden Retriever Discovered How To Use The Toilet Like A Human

Great job to both of you, so proud.

Incredible, wonderful puppy! The pup is very intelligent, and her owner is very proud of her!
The owner must have had a lot of patience to train the district to be such a good dog!

While many dogs have been ca.ught drinking from the toilet bowl, Tokyo, a wise golden retriever, has learned to prop herself up on her front paws and use it the way she’s been taught.

Tokyo, according to Alejandro Rodriguez Corrales, 29, was originally his girlfriend’s dog, but he taught her from a young age. He hopes that when they are unable to take her outside, the cute dog will be able to clean herself.

It was a long process that required a lot of love and patience, but he succeeded!

Alejandro described how he taught Tokyo to use the toilet by first assisting her to the toilet and then giving her snacks as a reward when she went to the toilet in the right place. He used to let the dog pee there but not Tokyo poop because it was too complicated. Tokyo was able to master it on its own after a lengthy training period.

She doesn’t look very happy or comfortable doing this!

Tokyo is also extremely clean; she never leaves a mess in the bathroom. The only thing the dog is unable to do is blush. Tokyo is a wise dog!

Alejandro documented Tokyo’s rather embarrassing moment on social media, and she has received a lot of praise!

That is one “Smart” Pup. Please reward that puppy for being such a good girl!

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