This Man Adopted A Dog With A Tumor To Help Him Spend His Last Days Surrounded By Love

Luciano Karosas, a Buenos Aires resident, had decided to adopt the dog with a tumor during his dying weeks. He gave the dog the most wonderful parting present. Luciano helped the dog spend his final days surrounded by love.

The dog named Thanos was diagnosed with cancer that spread quickly to his head causing a massive tumor to grow. Thanos was rejected by four different families because taking care of him was a big responsibility.

Fortunately for Thanos, Luciano appeared, who determined to do something to make his final days on Earth better after hearing his horrible story.

The dog used to belong to a family, but when they realized how difficult it would be to care for him because of his condition, they decided to abandon him. Several families took him in, but they couldn’t cope with his condition, so he was returned to the shelter, where he met Luciano.

When Luciano met Thanos and learnt of his backstory, as well as the knowledge that he only had a few days to live, all he could think of was a solution. Luciano’s big heart told him that he should adopt Thanos, bring him home, and give him love in his final days.

Luciano was undoubtedly ready to make Thanos’ final days memorable, but he refused to believe there’s nothing he can do to improve the animal’s health.

As a result, the young man brought Thanos to a number of specialist veterinarians in the hopes that they might operate on him and prolong his life.

“It was tough for me to get used to the concept of spending so little time together.” I brought him to a stem cell vet to see what we could do, hoping for a ray of hope (because he’d been given 40 days to live), but he informed me there’s no way to prolong that time.” Lucian said.

After receiving the bad news, Luciano just determined to make the most of the little time he would have Thanos as his beloved pet. They spent a lot of time together; Luciano caressed him as much as he could, Thanos appeared to be content, and he even played and cuddled with Luciano like any other dog.

The couple of pals were indifferent about the deadly disease; all they wanted to do was enjoy their time together and have as many great moments as they could.

The couple of friends were unconcerned about the fatal condition; all they wanted to do was enjoy their time together and have as many great moments as they could.

However, Thanos could not stand the illness and died after a few weeks of happiness and love.

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