Unwanted ‘Grumpy Old Man’ Finally Meets Someone Who Treats Him Like A King

Stray pups wander lonely streets, hoping to find a shelter and some morsels of food in order to stay alive.

While they struggle for existence, the strays don’t allow themselves to dream of having a home and a family who loves them.

When they’re finally rescued from the streets and placed in shelters, the hope of getting their happy ending awakens in their heart. Every time the pups see visitors entering the shelter, they stand by their kennel door, wishing that somebody would fall in love with them and take them home.

Sadly, many senior dogs get disappointed day after day because people prefer adopting younger shelter residents. 

In today’s story, we’ll talk about Rocky, a senior shelter doggo who was disappointed too many times while he was desperately waiting in his kennel, hoping to get noticed by somebody.

Will his luck change soon? Is he ever going to get his happy ending?

Rocky’s Shelter Life

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The pooch was found on the side of a road and taken in by a shelter.

Ever since he arrived, Rocky hoped to meet his humans and find his forever home. As days went by, and nobody took interest in him, Rocky began losing all hope of getting the happy ending he dreamed of.

At the time, Josh was searching for a four-legged companion. After one dog caught his attention, he came to the shelter to meet him. Shortly after his arrival, Josh realized that there were many visitors interested in the same dog as he was.

While he was waiting to apply for that dog, he noticed a lonely, tiny pup in his kennel. No one wanted to adopt him. His shelter friends referred to Rocky as an ‘old grumpy man’.

As soon as Josh saw the sweet furry creature with googly eyes and a hanging tongue, he fell in love with him. He knew that he had found the companion he was looking for. 

Rocky Moves To His Forever Home

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Rocky felt relieved when he left the shelter in the arms of his forever dad. The pooch was underweight. His teeth were rotten, and because of that, he hadn’t been eating. 

“The day that I picked him up he had just gotten all of his teeth removed. He was very out of it and just was kind of like, ‘Okay, well, I guess you’re gonna take care of me now and just melted into my arms,” said Josh.

Josh took great care of him and the pup gained weight very soon. They loved spending time in nature and they often went on hikes together.

When Josh met his future wife, Sophia, she fell in love with Rocky as soon as she met him, and she wanted to be by his side.

“I immediately fell in love with Rocky and had to find a way to make Josh fall in love with me because I wanted this dog to be part of my life,” said Sophia.

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Rocky’s parents love him so much that they made him a part of their wedding. Rocky was their ring bearer/the best dog.

Although he did really well at the rehearsal dinner, the doggo got distracted by the wedding guests on their wedding day. He thought that the guests would give him treats.

Rocky’s a mix of a Pug and a Pomeranian. When Josh adopted him, he was entirely black. However, as time went by, his face gradually became white, and because of his physical appearance, he’s sometimes mistaken for a cat. 

His Family Adores Him

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The grumpy pooch likes hanging out with his doggy girlfriends and wrestling with the other canines.

As soon as he comes back from a morning walk, he rubs himself along the hallways in the building. That’s his way of letting the other dogs know that he has returned home.

Rocky’s family showers him with love and they take him everywhere they go. They don’t want to miss a moment of him, and they tell him every day that they love him more than life itself.

“He knows like we’re living for him and he can be as grumpy as he wants and he’ll still get all the love and attention that he deserves,” said Sophia. 

Rocky’s parents say that he is the constant love that keeps them together, and that they can’t imagine their life without him.

It’s wonderful that the overlooked doggo turned his life around and got the happy ending that he truly deserved.

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