800lb Bride Discovers Love Anew Post Weight Loss

Arizona wedding Susanne Eman, 800lb, went on a voyage beyond the scale. Susanne lost 450 pounds before her 2013 wedding. She was engaged to Chef Parker Clack, but he broke up with her days before the wedding due to her weight reduction.

Susanne swiftly gained 600 pounds after being devastated by her decreased form. She fell in love with 36-year-old chef Nick Abbate, who had lost weight like her ex-fiancé.

Abbate, a nutritionist and weight loss advocate, loved Susanne as she was. Abbate enjoyed cooking enormous dinners for Susanne, encouraging her food addiction as their love story grew online. Despite Susanne’s aim to become America’s heaviest lady, Abbate supported her and her love of food.

When she wanted to become the world’s heaviest lady in 2011, Susanne made headlines. Together with Chef Clack, they planned a XXXXXXXXXL wedding dress and 1600 pounds in a decade.

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