A De.аf Dog thаt wаs St.ung bу Thousаnds of Bees wаs Luсkу to be Sаved!

So happy he’s better and being loved.

So grateful for the compassion of this vet who heard he was at the shelter with this condition. Now healed and in a loving home…! 

After being [at.ta.cked] by thousands of bees, his family checked him into a shelter and left him there, making the situation even worse than it already was.
The [de.af] Pit Bull, who was later given the name Stinger by the people who rescued him, presented himself at the shelter with [blisters] all over his body that posed a [sig.nific.ant ri.sk] to his life.

They were going to put the dog to sleep because they were unable to provide any kind of treatment for him in his current condition.

As soon as she found out about Stinger; Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan-based rescue worker Carri Shipaila, who runs the LuvnPupz organization, came to the aid of the animals. She sprang into action and, after getting in her car, drove for almost an hour to retrieve him from the animal shelter.

His family decided not to take him in, and as a result, she did not waste any time in beginning her efforts to save Stinger’s life. They treated his [st.ings] in addition to a [sub.seq.uent skin in.fec.tion] and [sar.coptic] mange that he developed as a result of the [sti.ngs].

Although he will never be available for adoption because of the costs associated with his care, he did find a loving forever home with a foster and will continue to receive care and therapy from LuvnPupz.

Since he was brought to the shelter as a stray for the first time, Stinger has come such a long way. His [ag.oni.zing bli.st.ers] have, at long last, healed, and he now has a stunningly beautiful white coat.

He is such a happy, affectionate dog, and he is thriving in the new life he has found in a loving home.

Thanks so much to his new family, love shows unconditionally…they love him although he needs special care!

So thankful he fully recovered and is being loved and care for by the right people now


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