Abandoned Dog Found with ‘Free’ and ‘Good Home Just’ Written all over her body

A 5-month-old dog found with the words “free” and “good home only” scribbled in permanent marker on its fur has found a new home.

According to the Ross County Humane Society, officers were summoned to Yoctangee Park on the evening of May 24 for a dog abandoned in a box. The dog was transported to a humane society for assessment and was eventually called Marvella, which means “to wonder at a miracle.”

On Wednesday, less than a week after she was discovered, the dog was adopted by a Chillicothe-area family. The Ross County Humane Society had roughly 90 adoption applications for the dog from all across the country, according to Jenn Thomas, director of the Ross County Humane Society.

According to a humane society news release, Marvella was given a wash to remove as much of the marking as possible, as well as immunizations, treats, and affection.

Marvella plays at the Ross County Humane Society after being discovered on May 24 with permanent marker writing on her fur.

Thomas believes that this case will teach the public that abandoning a dog is not an option for an owner who is unable to care for a dog.

“Marvella and the other 1,200 dogs that come through the shelter each year are incredibly lucky to have fantastic programs to help them,” Thomas added. “Many free canines given away on Craigslist or by other individuals are utilized as bait dogs in dogfighting rings, medical testing, or other suitable homes.”

Marvella, a 5-month-old dog discovered with permanent marker on her fur, was adopted at the Ross County Humane Society on Wednesday morning.

The application procedure involves a series of questions regarding the dog’s behavior and health to verify they’re a suitable fit for adoption, as well as a $50 surrender fee, which can be waived in specific situations, according to Thomas.

Social media may be used to find local shelters and pet rescues, as well as the humane society.

Sadly, Thomas claimed that what happened to Marvella was hardly the worst thing that has ever occurred to a dog.

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