Adorable Dog overcomes Crippling anxiety thanks to miniature Dachshund!

They are kind of cute like that helping each other out. 

How wonderful to see such a loving pair of dogs

Arnold the Weimaraner has [te.rr.ible] separation anxiety, but with the help of Frank as a support dog, he has been able to relax, and has found a best friend.

When Arnold was just a pup, the [po.or] dog was [mau.led] by a larger German Shepherd. He was already an anxious dog, but became even more [sc.Ar.ed] and skittish after that. Then, when Frank came along, he was able to feel comfortable.

So precious, love the little dachshund, black and brown. They are so cuddly.

Animals have more heart than some humans

God bless you for getting your dog with anxiety a pal!!!

Watch how cute they are when they sleep and play: 

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