Security Camera Captures A Dog Saving Her Little Brother Who Fell Into The Pool

While his parents were abroad, a delightful older dog named Chuck went through a trying period that almost ended in disaster. He slipped into the pool by mistake while silently going through his family’s property and couldn’t get out on his own. The security camera captured the momentous event.

When Byron Thanarayen and his wife returned home and discovered Chuck all wet, they decided to watch the security camera footage to find out what had occurred and observed how Chuck had been in the water for little over half an hour, prompting Jessie to come to his aid.

CREDIT: Facebook/ Byron Thanarayen

The 13-year-old dog attempted multiple times but failed to get out of the water. Jessie rushed to her little brother’s aid when she sensed he was in peril. The dog waited for the right opportunity to grab Chuck and drag him out of the pool.

It took some time, but Jessie’s resourcefulness and determination in saving her brother paid off; she became a hero.

CREDIT: Facebook/ Byron Thanarayen

Chuck may have drowned that day in the water if his sister Jessie hadn’t intervened, according to the footage.

The dogs’ father, Byron, told The Dodo:

“We had no clue Jessie was such a hero. I mean, she’s a pretty cute, loving, and sweet-natured lass. But we never suspected he had a heroic streak.”

None of the dogs had ever fallen into the pool. However, now that the family has witnessed how dangerous it is to their dogs, they intend to take precautions to ensure that such an occurrence does not occur again.

For her part, Jessie is getting plenty of pampering and goodies fit for a heroine, and Chuck is doing OK, knowing that he will always be secure with his sister.

CREDIT: Facebook/ Byron Thanarayen

Finally, his father declared:

“She received several snacks, hugs, and kisses, and he continues to receive a great deal of attention and love. Chuck is very special to her. I thought he was a special dog, and this just proves it.”

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