Bernedoodle melts 7M hearts hugging his little brother after school

He waits outside the school bus every day for his favorite boy to arrive.

This is the most lovely view to anticipate every day when you go home. This youngster just got back from school. And his mother isn’t the only one who is eager for his homecoming. Also waiting for him is his devoted dog.

The dog can be seen in the video watching from their front yard as his human sister exits the school bus and walks across the yard to collect him. The canine appears to be running to meet his sibling halfway as he extends his legs. Instead of running, he chose to walk.

Perhaps, after a long day of racing and tailgating, he wanted to get some exercise. He is greeted by his brother as he approaches.

The dog then takes a step that most likely caused his legs to extend. He hugs his brother while standing on his hind legs. What a thoughtful action! The dog also resisted letting go.

The fact that his sibling seemed unaffected by the dog’s activities shows that they exchange this greeting on a daily basis. Or perhaps he has been working on teaching his dog to do this, and he has just succeeded!

His human brother gave him a hug after the dog kissed him. These two are pleased to be together again after such a hard day. They most likely spend each and every waking minute together (when the human isn’t in school).

Bernedoodles, which are a hybrid between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, are fantastic family companions. This hybrid combines the greatest elements of both worlds. They combine the humor of a Poodle with the lively, joyful demeanor of a Bernese Mountain Dog.

They particularly like playing with young babies who can match their level of energy.

“They particularly like making fun of and roughhousing with kids. They get along best when introduced to young children as puppies. They thrive in households where they can grow up alongside the children, Garrett wrote for Trending Breeds.

Bernedoodles are a mixed breed, so their appearance varies. If two Bernedoodles stood next to each other, you couldn’t tell they were the same hybrid because of how much they looked alike.

Their weight and height are distinct characteristics.

Between the ages of 12 and 14 months, Bernedoodles achieve their full height of roughly 23 to 29 inches. Around the same age, they will achieve their maximum weight range of 50 to 90 lbs.

Even while they make excellent friends, they make poor guard dogs.

They don’t create any loud noises and are rather silent. As a consequence, they won’t bark if they see an unknown person (whether a canine or a human). They may even become friends with the intrusion. Therefore, bear it in mind as well.

See this dog’s beautiful relationship with his human brother in the video down below.

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