Dog Always Offers His Favorite Toy When He Hears His Baby Brother Cry

 Dog brings crying brother his favorite toy to comfort him

Although it is his most valued item, he is willing to share if doing so will help his brother feel better.

Bullmastiff Brutus, who resides with his family in Northern California, has only spared one toy from destruction: the revered fluffball.

Brutus enjoys carrying about a fuzzy yellow object in his mouth, which he refers to as the “fluffball.” It’s the only toy that Brutus won’t destroy in less than five minutes, according to Bonnie Michalek, who is Brutus’ human.

Even though Brutus enjoys trashing toys, he is the most devoted and kind dog.

As soon as Bonnie Michalek and her husband found a home large enough for a large dog like him, they acquired Brutus in 2016. I refer to him as my first child, Michalek remarked.

Michalek must now distinguish between “first” and “second” because she gave birth to their first human child, a son called Kayden, 11 weeks ago.

The Michaleks had no worries about Brutus getting along with Kayden, even though it’s a new experience for the entire family.

He’s always been fond of children, Michalek added. He gets excited every time he hears children giggling outside.

In fact, Brutus was aware of the Michaleks’ impending pregnancy before they were even aware of it.

“Brutus definitely detected it before I realized I was pregnant,” Michalek said. “He knew it before I did.” “Brutus wouldn’t stay in his box on the nights my husband worked,” my wife said.

Brutus insisted on being close to her despite Michalek adjusting the crate to give him more space. She recalled: “At the time, I thought he was simply being a brat, but in actuality, he was attempting to protect me.

Because Brutus is such a mama’s boy, she made sure to involve him in the changes the family was going through as they prepared for the birth of tiny Kayden.

Brutus went to be with Bonnie’s parents when Kayden was born. Bonnie was aware that Brutus, being the mama’s boy that he is, would want some time alone with her before seeing the baby when his family arrived to pick him up.

Michalek remarked, “I made sure to pay some attention to him. She then invited Brutus inside to see the child. “To meet Kayden, Brutus completely ignored my husband. He wanted to kiss him and cuddle with him right away.

Brutus hasn’t allowed Kayden out of his sight since that first day.

Brutus always feels compelled to lend a hand when he overhears Kayden sobbing. He then began bringing Kayden the renown sacred fluffball.

He takes his favorite stuffed animal and gives it to Kayden to comfort him.

Michalek remarked.

Brutus believed that since the fluffball always made him feel happy, it would also be effective for his younger sibling. (There is no need to inform him that milk functions a bit better.)

The future with Kayden is something that the entire family is excited about.

“We go trekking at our cabin every summer, and Brutus has enjoyed this activity since he was a puppy. As a child, I visited there,” Michalek stated. “I’m very happy to have Kayden come along.”

With Kayden here, everybody is gaining knowledge and developing. And Brutus recently discovered that there are other toys available than the fluffball that aren’t even for dogs; maybe, Kayden will return the favor and share.

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