Dog became the foster mother of 74 kittens from the shelter, and is not going to stop

5 year old dog Moon from Australia has replaced the Foster mother of 74 shelter kittens his owner Kate Hayes Works in a Veterinary Clinic and 5 years ago she found moon on the street and brought into her work and then left him with her forever moon was a little puppy then Moon quickly got used to the veterinary clinic and begin greedy and seeing off visitors if an animal is sick and crying then moon will sit next to him

sympathizing with his grief he has a very kind character says Kate for years ago when moon was already an adult Kate decided to take custody of the three-legged kitten Phoenix and when Moon met Phoenix he was in 7th Heaven as if he had found a long lost sister Phoenix was recovering from surgery to amputate her paw and moon was by her side all the time and protecting her after that Kate began to take another small kittens for a while who needed care in nursing

moon took them under his wing almost like Phoenix he lay next to them warm them and always kept his ears open if one of the kittens ran further than necessary he Pricks up his ears and immediately runs to look for the kittens and when he finds them he lies down next to them he acts as if he is their Foster father many of the kittens that came to Kate were orphans and were still very small that was very important for them to always have something soft

and warm at their side like their mother mostly little kittens come to Kate from people who find them abandoned on the street and bring them to the Veterinary Clinic because they do not know shelters where they can give them Kate takes care of the kittens and finds them home as well as anemia and a lot of fleas dog Moon did not leave his side until the kitten recovered and began to walk on his own so far Moon has helped 74 kitten survive almost all of them have already found new family

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