Donkey sees his new Father and can’t stop waggling his Tail like a Dog…!

Donkeys are so very special! ✧ Please keep him and don’t let him go ♥

That’s Walter and he also the Mayor of Oatman Arizona 

Walter is so adorable!! 

You typically think of dogs and cats when someone mentions a pet, but you’ve probably never heard the phrase “donkeys are man’s friend.” since it is uncommon to keep these creatures as pets.

But the actual definition of love is not found in the species but rather in the realization that the bond of friendship and commitment that exists between a person and his pet is sufficient. Because of this, a man and a donkey became friends!

Little Walter was adopted by a family in Oatman, Arizona, where he grew up among his brothers and three German Shepherds while also picking up a lot of knowledge. He gets things from them, which is why he acts like a dog. It’s quite difficult to believe this.

Walter quickly became accustomed to his new home life with his parents and animal siblings. He started to act more and more like his German shepherd siblings right away he was adopted into the family, including waving his tail in excitement and resting and enjoying himself just like them, he even jumped on his father’s head.

Brad Blake, Walter’s human father, said, “We never imagined how Walter would change our lives for the better!”

The partnership built on love and devotion has strongly developed. The donkey is overjoyed when he receives love that he never imagined he would.

Such a wonderful thing to see him so happy , just keep him happy always and keep him with you because he must love you so much to be happy

God bless you for taking good care of this beautiful baby.

All animals, need love! And certainly give it back.
Such love and compassion is wonderful to see today.

Watch this video for an absolute cuteness overload:

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