Every morning, a 74-year-old man feeds snacks to dozens of dogs!

What an awesome way to start his day 

A good man will take care of his animals, this man is a great man!! 
Kudos to you for your love of critters!!! 

George Kocar has been walking five miles every day from Bay Village to Rocky River every day since 2010. He greets every dog along the way… They wait for him to say hello every day.
And get a treat, of course! 

If you drive just past the border of Bay Village and Rocky River around 7:00 a.m., you’ll find 74-year-old George Kocar stopping in at Pier Beverage and Deli on Lake Road for a chocolate milk.

He does this routine every single morning, rain or shine, 365 days a year.

It’s a five-mile loop from his Bay Village home. He’s walking for his health, happiness, but mostly, for the dogs … dozens of them to be exact.

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George share: I started doing this route around 2004, but, the dog treats didn’t come until much later. Around 2010, that’s when I started playing with some of the dogs.
He says most mornings, he’s rewarding between 20-40 dogs.

Along his route, some dogs stand at attention. While others just need it.
They all bask in the joy he leaves at each stop.

The love he feels for all his fur friends, and the [pa.in], that comes with [lo.Si.ng] them. In the end, George would still pick the simple joys he feels every morning, on his walk of kindness, for the dogs.

You are a great man,thank you so much for caring about the dogs. God bless you sir 

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