Missing Golden Retriever Found Alive After 16 Days of Swimming Along Shoreline

Following a water rescue by New Jersey State Police in the United States, Chunk, a beautiful 3-year-old golden retriever who had been missing for little over two weeks, has been reunited with his family.

The cops went out into the bay in search of the dog. They boarded the Zodiac watercraft until they were approximately 75 meters from the shore, where the weary dog was, according to Ferdinandi. Officers carefully carried Chunk ashore and lifted him onto a dock behind a house with a rope.

From the moment Chunk vanished from his house, a search effort was launched using social media, local police agencies, bait traps, and trail cameras to locate him as quickly as possible. The police officer expressed his sadness and concern for his family.

The posts were circulated in a variety of social media circles. People on the internet were really helpful in the hunt, and her family was looking forward to bringing their cherished pet home.


Officers rushed to keep Chunk safe on the ground until his family was identified; the weary canine was frightened and scared, and they feared he may run away again.

Officer Ferdinandi continued, “He got a little ahead of us. It was incredible to watch her family’s relief at her return, and the dog was also relieved to see his family. We are relieved that the dog and its owners have been reunited.”

The New Jersey State Police stated on their Facebook page about what happened:


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